Go beyond the steppe and uncover the stories surrounding this enigmatic country.


See parts of Kazakhstan usually ignored by visitors, many formerly off-limits to outsiders.


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Unforgettable sights and experiences guaranteed on this remarkable journey to Central Asia's most enigmatic and fascinating Stan.


The remote and mountainous mystery land of Central Asia, join in Persian New Year celebrations, experience the flamboyantly violent and mind-blowing sport of Buzkashi, or run the Dushanbe Half Marathon.


Follow the ancient silk road from Kyrgyzstan through Tajikistan and witness buzkashi, marathons, and mountain views you can only dream of.

North Korea

With more than 25 years of experience, travel with the only experts in North Korea travel.


Travel beyond the myths and legends and learn about local life, customs, and culture in a country so few ever get to explore.


Join us on an odyssey from the remotest corner of Russia deep into the interior, travelling along the world’s longest road; the Kolyma Highway - the ‘road of bones’.


Closed to outsiders since its foundation as a forced-labour nickel mining colony, Norilsk has since grown into an absolutely fascinating and utterly remote region of apocalyptic industrial landscapes and stunning natural beauty.


Despite its relative youth as a city, Vladivostok on the North Korea - Russia border has seen its fair share of historic events and related sights to explore.

South Korea

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