See a World you Never Knew Existed

Bhutan, the true Himalayan Kingdom - Travel beyond the myths and legends and learn about local life, customs, and culture in a country so few ever get to explore.

Not only taking you further, taking you higher as we conquer the fabled thunder dragon that is Bhutan.

Bhutan's tourism policy puts impact on "high value, low impact", meaning there are very few people who have the chance to visit the Kingdom of Bhutan every year. The policy may make the country relatively difficult to access, but it protects the natural beauty and unique culture of Bhutan and the Bhutan people.

To get away from the crowds even more, we will be travelling to Bhutan during the offseason period, beating the "crowds" and ensuring a peaceful and memorable trip to Tiger's Nest.

From exploring the beautiful Capital city of Thimphu, hiking in the valleys of Punakha, Gangtey and visiting the iconic Tiger’s nest... We invite you along on this adventure as we discover Bhutan.

All of our Bhutan tours will be accompanied with a Koryo Tours tour leader to ensure you get the most out of your Bhutan travel.

For more on Bhutan, visit out Bhutan Travel Guide page.

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Tiger's Nest


Monks in Bhutan


We currently have no future tours planned. Please check back soon.

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